Week of April 3rd

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

What a week...short, but jam packed!

Here are a couple of our highlights:

On Wednesday, kids watched the entire Cabaret show from start to end.A definite highlight was Saturday night. 4th grade was awesome! Great job kids!Thank you to Mary Farley and Helen McCabe for all the time and effort they committed to teaching 4th grade their dance.Thank you to Amy Niggel for being our wardrobe executive.Thank you to Cori Koval for beautifying our girls on performance night. Some of the things we covered during the week:
Math: In math, student learned about sequences and using the 4-step plan to decompose word problems involving sequences.
Social Studies: 5 regions of the United States: This week we learned about the Northeast region's geography, economy, and people. On Friday, students were able to work on their Parade of States project. We will be working on our Parade of State project on Thursdays and kids can bring in their tri-folds to start putting all their …

Week of March 26th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are two of our highlights this week:

On Monday we had our Lental ConfessionsOn Thursday, 4th and 1st grade buddies worked together to build the tallest tower using toothpicks and marshmallows to hold a Peep.  Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: In math, we learned about non-numeric and numeric patterns, as well as repeated and growing patterns.
Social Studies: In Social Studies, students dived into their Parade of States project. They researched their states in books and used the internet. They were also able to find a state hero that they were interested in and find out interesting facts about them. This coming week, we'll start our 5 regions of the United States and work on our Parade of States on Thursdays.
Writing: Students edited their Persuasive essays and completed their final drafts.
Reminders: Cabaret dress rehearsals are this Wednesday. Please bring in your child's outfits. Boys: black pants, long sleeve button down white shi…

Week of March 19th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Thank you to the families that donated tissues to classroom. Our runny noses are very appreciative!

Our highlight for this week was attending the Flynn on Thursday. The walk to and fro was amazing...perfect weather. The kids enjoyed singing and playing their recorders with the Vermont Youth Orchestra and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.

Here is what we covered in our subjects:

Math: We finished the lesson on distributive properties and partial quotients with division. We also tackled 3-digit division problems before we ended the week with our Chapter 6 math test.

Science: We reviewed the science test from the prior week. We will be starting our Parade of States this coming week.

Daily 5: We did more reading level testing. We have one more student before we are done.

Writing: Kids worked on their conclusion for their persuasive writing piece.


No school on Friday 3/30 or Monday 4/2 looking at the black history month figures 
our exploding bags

Week of March 12th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Happy Monday! 4th grade has run out of tissues...if you're able, please donate a box of tissues to the classroom. As always, thank you in advance for your support.

Some highlights for this week:
We got to check out 3rd grade's Black History figures in the lobby with our 1st grade buddiesFreedom Train Flynn field trip: Harriet Tubman Here is what we covered in our short week:

Math: Students learned where to put the first digit when performing a division problem and revisited 2 old strategies that we used towards division...distributive properties and partial quotients. The purpose of learning these strategies other than aligning with the Common Core, is to show students the place value in the division problem.

Science: We closed up our science unit of States of Matter by taking our last test on Causing Change in Matter.

Daily 5: Grade reading level testing

Writing: Continued our Persuasive Essays. We worked on inserting introductory words and phrases,…

Week of March 5th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are some of our highlights this week:

We participated in Read Across America this week and had DEAR time everydayA thank you to our "mystery reader" on Thursday, Becky Clark read Junkyard Wonders by Patricia PolaccoStudents enjoyed ice cream on Friday after lunch for filling out their Bingo Reading Sheets Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: We worked on how we interpret remainders in division problems. If things go to plan, we will test out of this chapter by next Friday.
Science: States of Matter: We learned about the differences of physical and chemical changes. Our physical changes lab had students separating salt and sand mixtures and beans and sand mixtures. Our chemical lab included making Elephant Toothpaste and blowing up our carbon dioxide pillows. We will be having our last science test for States of Matter on Wednesday.
Daily 5: We will be doing our reading level testing this week and next.
Writing: We worked on creating …

Week of February 12th

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,
Thank you to the families that donated the paper goods, milk and cookies for the 4th grade Valentine's Day card exchange. 
Our highlights this week were:

girls' lunch bunchValentine's card exchangeschool spelling beemade lanterns for Chinese New Year
Some things we covered in our subjects:

Math: We started our division chapter and worked on dividing multiples of 10, 100, and 1000.We also learned how to make compatible numbers and used the strategy of models to divide our equations.

Science: We dove deeper in to States of Matter by exploring  the 3 states of matter, atoms, and elements.

Daily 5: We finished our Matchbook Summaries (our end project for our Literature Circles).

Writing: Dissected a debating article on the topic: Is it okay for pets to sleep in your bed?


Permission slips went out for the televised Mass (2/20) and the Flynn field trip (3/15). Please be sure to turn them in ASAP. Have a great weekend! 

Week of February 6th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

A few of 4th grade's highlights:

Met our bean goal of cupcakesFinished our literature groupsMini Spelling Bee in our class on Friday Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: Students did a review of chapter 5 on Tuesday and took our chapter 5 math test on Thursday.
Science: Our class did a hands on lab covering volume. Students had 3 different containers with which they had to hypothesize which container could hold the greatest volume using a cup of water. Many groups came up with creative strategies. 
Daily 5: We finished our Literature Circle books and have started on our end project called Matchbook Summaries.

Writing: We were not able to work on our writing this week.


Girls' Lunch Bunch on TuesdayValentine's Day (Wednesday)

Have a great weekend!