Week of June 4th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

How fast the year has flown by! We have a weeks worth of 4th grade left and your kiddos will be official 5th graders by Friday. It will definitely be a bittersweet day.

Here is what we covered this week:

Kids worked on changing mixed numbers into improper fractions at the beginning of the week and then tested out of chapter 8 on Wednesday. On Thursday, they worked on adding like fractions.

Daily 5:
The class worked on their reading comprehension while Mrs. Hill and I tested individual students on their end of year guided reading level. 

Kids did a great job on their book reports! Their effort and creativity shone through their work as they shared with the class their comic strips. Many other students became interested in reading the books that were presented due to the comic strips.

We engaged in two labs this week, in our first lab we created charges on our paired balloons by rubbing them with wool and/ or plastic. The class saw the connect…

Week of May 28th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Highlights for this week include:

having Stuart shadow in our class. He fit right in and hopefully he will join our class next year!Spring Challenge was a major success. No rain, lots of sunshine and smiles! Here is what we covered in our short week:
Math: We worked on reducing fractions to their simplest form using the GCF, how to order 3 fractions from least to greatest by using the LCD, and how to identify and interpret mixed number fractions.
Writing: The class learned about personification and wrote a short story about their favorite childhood toy using an example of personification.
Science: Magnetism and Electricity Unit: We performed a lab on Tuesday, creating a temporary magnet with a nail, inserting it in a foam ball, and floating that foam ball in a cup of water. For some unknown reason, not one single needle pointed north...ugh! The kids got the point of the lesson even though our results were misleading. 
Reminders:  Please turn in permission sli…

Week of May 21st

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Highlights this week:
Kids had a great time at the Montshire Museum Field Trip We had a shadow on Friday (Connor) and the class welcomed him with open arms, and we have another shadow on Tuesday (Stuart). Here are some of the things we covered this week:
Math: We worked on comparing and ordering fractions using a common denominator or by using benchmark fractions.
Science: Magnetism and Electricity: We had two labs this week covering what magnetism looked like and its properties. In our first lab, kids learned how to make a temporary magnet and determined what materials were attracted to it. In our second lab, kids learned about how the two poles of a magnet reacted to each other.
Writing: We worked on two writing pieces...1) Kids wrote a thank you note to a "friend" using metaphors to someone that gave them onion and garlic flavored chewing gum. Some of these letters were very colorful:) 2) Why Memorial Day was important to them. In this lesson, w…

Week of May 14th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

A shout out to the Forcier family for donating much needed glue sticks to the 4th grade! Thank you:)
Highlights: 4th grade did an amazing job hosting Mass this WednesdayKids did well presenting their chosen state in our Parade of State Presentation Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: We continued to work on our fraction unit and learned about equivalent fractions and simplest form.
Social Studies: We finished the last of the 5 regions...the West's geography, economy, and people and worked on getting our trifolds ready for our presentation.
Writing: Kids learned about Idioms and how to use them in writing.
Reminders:  Please remember to turn in permission slips and money for this Wednesday's Montshire field tripKeep a look out in your child's folder for our third and final book report for this year

Week of May 7th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Loving the sunny days!

Here is what we covered in our subjects:

Math: We started our fraction unit and reviewed factors and multiples. We also learned about prime and composite numbers.

Social Studies: 5 Regions and Parade of States...This week we focused on the Southwest and the entire class got 100 or above (there was a bonus question) on the region's test. Kids learned about the Southeast geography, economy, and people and were able to demonstrate their learning by creating a dodecahedron. They are also diligently working on their Parade of States displays and are getting ready for next week's presentation.

Writing: We worked on our state hero paper all week and over half the class finished with the rest not far behind.


Please remember to turn in permission slips for the Monteshire Field TripKids are hosting mass next Wednesday Have a great weekend!

Week of April 30th

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

Thank you to all the Terra Nova Fairies that brought in treats for our 4th graders. The kids had a heavy load of standardized testing and the treats helped them push through it!
A highlight this week: Kids earned Game Board Free Choice from their blurt beans and were able to play with their classmates on Friday afternoon. It was a nice ending to a demanding week.
For the better part of the morning and a little time in the afternoon, the kids worked on their Terra Nova testing this week. 
After their testing was done for the day, we worked on:
Religion: Circle of Grace...In 4th grade, the emphasis is on social media and networking. We talked about vocabulary terms and identified how to maintain appropriate internet boundaries.
Social Studies: We worked on our Parade of States tri fold displays.
Daily 5: Kids learned how to create a bibliography from a book, a magazine and the internet.
Note: We were supposed to start our 3rd book report this week, but I'm…

Week of April 3rd

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

What a week...short, but jam packed!

Here are a couple of our highlights:

On Wednesday, kids watched the entire Cabaret show from start to end.A definite highlight was Saturday night. 4th grade was awesome! Great job kids!Thank you to Mary Farley and Helen McCabe for all the time and effort they committed to teaching 4th grade their dance.Thank you to Amy Niggel for being our wardrobe executive.Thank you to Cori Koval for beautifying our girls on performance night. Some of the things we covered during the week:
Math: In math, student learned about sequences and using the 4-step plan to decompose word problems involving sequences.
Social Studies: 5 regions of the United States: This week we learned about the Northeast region's geography, economy, and people. On Friday, students were able to work on their Parade of States project. We will be working on our Parade of State project on Thursdays and kids can bring in their tri-folds to start putting all their …