Week of February 12th

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,
Thank you to the families that donated the paper goods, milk and cookies for the 4th grade Valentine's Day card exchange. 
Our highlights this week were:

girls' lunch bunchValentine's card exchangeschool spelling beemade lanterns for Chinese New Year
Some things we covered in our subjects:

Math: We started our division chapter and worked on dividing multiples of 10, 100, and 1000.We also learned how to make compatible numbers and used the strategy of models to divide our equations.

Science: We dove deeper in to States of Matter by exploring  the 3 states of matter, atoms, and elements.

Daily 5: We finished our Matchbook Summaries (our end project for our Literature Circles).

Writing: Dissected a debating article on the topic: Is it okay for pets to sleep in your bed?


Permission slips went out for the televised Mass (2/20) and the Flynn field trip (3/15). Please be sure to turn them in ASAP. Have a great weekend! 

Week of February 6th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

A few of 4th grade's highlights:

Met our bean goal of cupcakesFinished our literature groupsMini Spelling Bee in our class on Friday Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: Students did a review of chapter 5 on Tuesday and took our chapter 5 math test on Thursday.
Science: Our class did a hands on lab covering volume. Students had 3 different containers with which they had to hypothesize which container could hold the greatest volume using a cup of water. Many groups came up with creative strategies. 
Daily 5: We finished our Literature Circle books and have started on our end project called Matchbook Summaries.

Writing: We were not able to work on our writing this week.


Girls' Lunch Bunch on TuesdayValentine's Day (Wednesday)

Have a great weekend!

Week of January 29th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

We had a busy, fun-filled Catholic Schools Week!

Here are a few of our highlights:

BingoAfternoon games to include: Jello Drop, Build a Snack, and PictionarySoul Train: Drop everything and dance in classWhole School Movie: Monsters Inc. w/ Goldfish or trail mixCupcake RosaryFun dress up daysPep RallyBoys' lunch bunch Here is what we covered in our subjects:
Math: We continued working on our multiplication this week. The students worked on the process of multiplication to become confident on when to multiply and when to add using the partial product method. We'll have one more class of review and then we'll probably be ready to test out on this chapter and head to division.
Science: We did two labs this week that further explored density and mass.  During our density lab, students saw the difference in densities of water and oil in a cylinder. They then predicted the order of layers of corn syrup, oil, and water, as well as inferring the densities …

Week of January 22nd

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are some of our highlights this week:
4th grade hosted MassWe finished our social studies unit and started our science unit Here are some things we covered this week:
Math: In math we worked on solving multi-step word problems and used the strategy of a table (repeated addition) to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers.
Social Studies/ Science: We finished our social studies unit 2 and started our science unit of States of Matter. 
Daily 5: We continued our Literature Circle Groups throughout the week.
Writing: Persuasion piece: The Bad Guy wrote a story from the perspective of the villain.

Catholic Schools WeekCareer dress up on MondayPlease remember to bring your items for our class to support Refuge Resettlement

Week of January 16th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are some of the things we covered in our short week:

Math: We started multiplying 2-digit by 2 digit numbers using 2 different strategies, distributive property and the way we remember doing multiplication as kids...standard algorithm.

Social Studies: An overview of Unit 2 The United States: Its Land and People

Daily 5: We continued meeting in our Literature Circle groups throughout the week.

Writing: We finished typing our letters to our Parade of States tourism industry, researched 3 addresses, and addressed our envelopes to be sent to our states.


4th grade is hosting mass this Wednesday

Week of January 8th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are some of our highlights:
Picked out the state for our Parade of States projectWatched our school's Geo Bee on Friday afternoonFinished another math chapterStarted our literature groupsReached our 3rd goal in our bean jar: 20 minutes of free time! Getting back into the swing of things in school, this is what our week looked like: Math: We took our Chapter 4 math test. In Chapter 5, we started multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit. We started with multiplying 2-digit by tens and then worked on estimation of both 2-digit numbers.
Social Studies: The United States: Its Land and People State and Local GovernmentsMap and Globe Skills: Latitude and LongitudeOur Nation's GovernmentOur Democratic Values: Rights and Responsibilities Daily 5: We started our Literature Circles. The books we are reading are Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan, Sounder by William H Armstrong, Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, and The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

Week of December 11th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Christmas Concert Here are some things we covered this week:

Math: Students continue to learn how to multiply multi-digit numbers using 3 different strategies. Array, Area Models, and Partial Products. As a class, students have all passed the times 3 table in sweet treats...9 more to go!!!

Social Studies: The United States: Its Land and People

Our economyWe read about another 4th grade class that created a popcorn business. The 4th grade class were able to make their own decisions on how the business was organized. They were also in charge of how the profits were spent. Students learned the difference between a planned economy and a free enterprise system which we have here in the United States.

Daily 5: Finished our Literature Circles

Writing: Students were able to read their Small Moments to the class

Kids only Christmas Shop on Monday December 18th/ items cost between $.25 to $2.00 (please bring change or small bills)Please turn in p…