Week of November 13th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here are some of our highlights this week:

Shrek: kids were involved in performing or watching on Monday.Flynn Field Trip: Vermont Abenaki ArtistWe had the opportunity to pray and write letters to our seminarians.We decorated boxes used for collecting food items for the parish with our 1st grade buddies. Here are some of the things we covered this week:

Math: We took our Chapter 3 Math test. Kids did great!

Social Studies: The United States: Its Land and People

Varied climates over the different regionsMap & Globe skills Daily 5: Worked on our sustained reading. We're starting our new literature circles after Thanksgiving break.

Writing: We were given details of what our seminarians liked such as movies, quotes, favorite sports teams, food, etc. Students were excited to see what connections they had with our seminarians and enjoyed writing to them. Some of classmates even knew a few of our seminarians.


Thanksgiving basket items for MondayMon…

Week of November 6th

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

A few of our highlights this week:
Donkey AssemblyBoys' Lunch BunchCrazy Hair/ Hat Day Here are some of the things we covered this week:

Math: We learned the properties of multiplication and division. We also worked with factors and multiples.

Science/ Social Studies: We ended our science unit on weather and climate and started our social studies unit on the United States: Its Land and People.

Daily 5: We got back into our Daily 5 groove.

Writing: We started our writing piece of a Small Moment.

Field Trip next Wednesday Nov. 15thPlease sign up for Parent/ Teacher ConferencesPlease sign up for our class Thanksgiving Basket Have a great weekend!


Week of October 31st

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Thank you to all who brought in treats for our Halloween Celebration. The kiddos had a great time!
The kids were extremely respectful and quiet during the funeral on Friday. I was so proud and impressed with them! At the end of the day, Father Joe also came up and said he couldn't hear a peep from us.
Our 2nd trimester starts on Tuesday . To get ahead of missing assignments this semester, I will be sending home a missing assignment report every Friday along with an email to let parents know if they have one coming. Please sign this sheet to let me know you've seen it.
Some of our highlights this week were:

Halloween Parade Halloween Celebration Some of the things we covered:
Math: We've been working on multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition in word problems. We learned how to solve these with bar diagrams and/or drawings.
Science: Weather and Climate...We had one science class this week were we did a lab observing the clouds.
Daily 5: S…

Week of October 23rd

Many thanks to the Richter family, McCabe family, Farley family, St. Louis family,
Anna & Grace, Scribners family, Forcier family, Ludwig family for donating books to the 4th grade classroom. Students were excited to see the new books and are anxious to read them!!
Dear Fourth Grade Families,
Some of our highlights of our week: Scholastic Book FairGrandparent's MassBook Report Presentations Here are some of the things we covered this week:
Math: We started our unit on multiplication. We learned the relation between multiplication and division and the relation between division and subtraction.
Science: Weather and Climate...We made our rain gauges on Monday and thanked the Lord for the rain on Tuesday!!! We  measured a days worth of rain and read about how precipitation affects the world.
Daily 5: We finished another Literature Circle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and students are working on their Main Idea Belts
Writing: We started our Writer's Workshop free choice assign…

Week of October 17th

Dear 4th grade families,

Here are some of the things we covered in our short week:

Math: We worked on solving multi-step word problems and took our Chapter 2 Math Test.

Science: Weather and Climate...We studied wind by recording wind speeds with our homemade anemometers and wind direction with our wind socks.

Daily 5: 2 of our Literature Circles are done with their books and they're working on their Main Idea Belts.

Writing: We're working on editing our drafts and also starting new pieces of writing.....


We have girls' lunch bunch this Tuesday.Book Fair is starting next week. We'll visit the book fair twice during the week. First time for kids to make a wish list and second time for kids to purchase their books.Grandparent's Day is on Friday.

Week of October 10th

Dear 4th grade Families,

4th grade highlight...

We participated in the 100th anniversary of Fatima. " The Miracle of the Sun" and the students received brown scapulars.
Here are some of the topics we've covered:

Math: We worked on subtracting whole numbers, subtracting across zeros, and using the strategy of drawing diagrams to help us solve word problems.

Science: We made aneroid barometers and watched throughout the week how air pressure was affected by temperature.

Daily 5: Literature groups

Writing: We worked on our stories in our chromebooks. On Friday, we wrote our Reading Reflection using the strategy "asking questions", to better help our reading comprehension.

Religion: Studying the different names of Mary


No school next Monday 10/16Permission slips went home Fri 10/13 for the Flynn Field Trip

Week of Oct 2nd

Dear Families,

There is a lot going on in 4th grade! Our two highlights of the week are:

we participated in the living rosarythe class earned an extra 10 minutes of recess Here are some of the topics we covered in class:

Math: Adding and subtracting whole numbers and using estimates or addition to check our answers

Social Studies/ Science: We finished our social studies unit on Tuesday and started our science unit in weather on Wednesday. We had our first lab on Thursday on how temperature affects air pressure.

Daily 5: We've started our literature circles.

Writing: We're typing in our stories on chromebooks and working on adding detail and organization of our paragraphs.

We've also started our book report assignment which is due Oct 27. Here are the details that were sent home on Monday.

Book Report #1FictionDue: October 27,2017 Project: Advertisement

You will need to create an advertisement for your book. You are trying to sell your book and get as many people as you can to …